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McMillan Mountain Tracker - Tikka Inlet

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The Mountain Tracker rifle stock was designed with the modern-day hunter in mind.  Its flat bottomed forend provides superior stability as well as featuring a low profile picatinny rail to lower your rifles center of gravity when shooting off of a bipod. The Mountain Tracker rifle stock also utilizes a 3” ARCA rail located at its balance point for ease of use with a tripod.  Its vertical grip, ambidextrous thumb shelves and negative comb provide an ergonomic interface with your rifle.

This stock is inlet to be universal with all Tikka rifle actions. Choose your barrel contour and you are set. 


Built for  tikka-logo.png

  • Low Profile Picatinny Rail to provide a lower center of gravity when utilizing a bipod and reduce snagging in the field
  • 3″ ARCA Rail located at balance point directly in front of bottom metal
  • Flat Forend provides stability when shooting off of a bag or directly off of an improvised surface
  • Vertical Grip with reduced web for optimal comfort and grip
  • Ambidextrous Thumb Shelves provide an index point and aid in proper precision rifle technique
  • 6 Degree Negative Comb for enhanced comfort under recoil and optimal cheek weld height
  • 12  Degree Toe Line provides superior comfort when shooting off hand or with a tripod